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Wanted Dead or Alive!

We need your good, burned, wrecked, or surplus parts, components, and whole machines.  We pay cash!

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Trans Axle Assemblies, Ring & Pinions, Side Gears, and Brake Parts

WARNING: THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER UPDATED. Please visit our new and improved website at www.hagantractorparts.com

Trans Axle Assemblies

All trans axle assemblies are remanufactured with new bearings, races, and seals.

580CK-B Case $4,500.00 Exchange 
580C-D (2WD Non Turbo)  $4,500.00 Exchange 

580K Case (Phase III) Without axle housing and valve 

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$8,500.00 Exchange 
580D Turbo Case, 580D-4WD, Case E, 580 K (Phase I)  $6,000.00 Exchange 
Core Charge  $3,000.00 

580L-590L Rear Axle Assembly  $6,700.00 Exchange 

Brake Parts

Rivet on Disc Kits (Case 480 & 580)  $34.62 
Brake Band Assemblies (Case 480-580D)  $33.47 
Brake Assembly (Complete)  $217.48
Master Cylinders (Case 480C-580C)  $115.00

Slave Cylinders (Case 480C-580C)

Brake Disk 580K Phase I

Brake Plate 580K Phase I




New Aftermarket Ring & Pinion (Without Hub)

580C-D Case (2WD Non Turbo)  Price on Request 
580E Case (With Trans s/n 16270319 & Up)  Price on Request 
580E-K Case (With s/n below 20000)  Price on Request 

New Aftermarket Ring & Pinion (With Rivets)

580CK-B Case  Price on Request 
580CK-B Case (With Locking Center Hub)  Price on Request 
Rivets for Ring & Pinion (Original Type)  $1.00 Each

Aftermarket Side Gears

580C-D Case  $295.00
580CK-B Case (Left Hand)  $225.00 
580CK-B Case (Right Hand)  $225.00
580K (Phase I)  $350.00 
580E (Last Serial Number Break)  $350.00


We are authorized A.E. Clevite, F.P. Diesel, Federal Mogul, and Seal Power engine parts dealers.  We also stock Wix filters for all your filter needs. 

If you're looking for something you don't see on our website, please give us a call.  We are adding new parts suppliers daily. 

Check out our extended 90-Day Warranties on all of our Remanufactured or Rebuilt Components. 

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