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Wanted Dead or Alive!

We need your good, burned, wrecked, or surplus parts, components, and whole machines.  We pay cash!

Call us at 800-365-0602 or 918-251-1851

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Give us a call at 800-365-0602 or 918-251-1851 to request a flyer with our price list on it.  Don't forget to enter our drawing!  You can't win if you don't enter. 

Overhaul Kits

WARNING: THIS PAGE IS NO LONGER UPDATED. Please visit our new and improved website at www.hagantractorparts.com

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice


188D Case 480CK, 530CK, 580B, 450, & 1845 $725.00
207D Case 580C-D, 450B $800.00

All overhaul kits contain: sleeve assemblies, four rod bearings, one set of main bearings, and a full gasket set.

336BD Case 850B-C & W-14 $980.00
336BDT Case 780CK, 880B, 850B, & 680E-G-H $1,025.00
401D Case 1150, W-9B, W-10, & 930 $1,350.00
401BD Case W-18, W-20, & W-20B $1,350.00 
451BD Case 1150B-C $1,350.00 
504BD Case 1450, 980B, W-24, W-26B, & W-20C $1,350.00
504BDT Case W-24, W-24B, & W-26B $1,350.00

Overhaul Kits include sleeve assemblies, rod bearings, main bearings, thrust washer set, and a complete gasket set with seals. 


Overhaul kits contain pistons, rings, rod bearings, main bearings, and gaskets. 

4.390 Cummins 580E-K-SK & 450C $675.00
4T390 Cummins 580E-K-SK & 450C $725.00
4T390 580E-K-SK & 450C Emission Certified $825.00
6.590 Cummins 850D-G $825.00 
6T590 850D-G, 1150E, & 1155G $875.00 
6T590 Cummins 850D-G, 1150E, & 1155G Emission Certified $975.00 


4B Gasket Set (Full) $289.00
6B Gasket Set (Full) $308.00

Case 207 (Full) 

Case 207 Head Gasket Set



Free freight available in most areas on overhaul kits!

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