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We are Case engine remanufacturing specialists.  We specialize in Case 207 and 188 Short Blocks and Complete Engines as well as 336, 401, 451, and 504 Case Remanufactured Complete Engines.  We also sell Remanufactured Cummins 4B390 and 6B590 Complete Engines.

We sell remanufactured units to dealerships and individuals across the United States and Canada.  We also sell other miscellaneous tractor parts.  To see some of what we sell, please browse our website.  Please note, that we sell much more than is listed on our website.  If you're looking for something that is not listed, just call  and ask.  We hunt non-Case tractor parts everyday! 


Just in for Salvage:


Case 850H 2000 Model Dozer 

Call 800-365-0602

Just Some of the Products we Carry...

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Remanufactured Short Blocks

Remanufactured Short Blocks
Remanufactured Short Blocks with Heads
Cummins Short Blocks

Remanufactured Engines

Remanufactured Complete Engines

Overhaul Kits

Case Overhaul Kits
Full Gasket Sets
Cummins Overhaul Engine Kits

Engine Parts

Remanufactured Head with Valves
Exhaust Manifolds
New Aftermarket Pushrods Chrome Molly
New Aftermarket Valve Springs
New Aftermarket Rocker Arm Shafts
New Aftermarket Oil Pumps (with new relief & springs)
New Crankshafts
New Aftermarket Cam Gears
Remanufactured Injection Pumps
Remanufactured Connecting Rods
Water Pumps
New Aftermarket Transmission Pumps
New Aftermarket Hydraulic Pumps with cast centers

Transmissions, Converters, and 4-Speed Assemblies

Forward-Reverse Shuttle Transmission & Converter
Gasket Kits
Bearing Kits
Transmission Shuttle Pumps
Transmission Shuttle Valve
Shuttle Transmission Clutches
Shuttle Plates
Torque Converters
Remanufactured 4-Speed Assemblies

Trans Axle Assemblies, Ring & Pinions, Side Gears, and Brake Parts

Trans Axle Assemblies
Resealed Rear Axle Assemblies

Resealed Front Axle Assemblies

Aftermarket Side Gears
Brake Parts

Rivet on disc kits
Brake band assemblies
Brake Assembly (complete)
Master Cylinders
Slave Cylinders
Brake Discs
Brake Plates

Front Axle Assemblies, Final Drives, Aftermarket Top Pinions, and Aftermarket Ring & Pinions

Remanufactured Front Axle Assembly (less steering cylinders)
Remanufactured Front Axle Assembly (with 2 new steering cylinders)
Aftermarket Steering Cylinders
Aftermarket Case Spindles
Weld on Axle Ends
Remanufactured Final Drives
Bevil Pinion Sets
Aftermarket Top Pinions
Aftermarket Ring & Pinions

Do you not see what you're looking for?  Give us a call at 800-365-0602 or 918-251-1851.  We'll try our best to find it for you or point you toward someone else who may be able to help.